Not a tea drinker? Coffee kombucha!

When people ask me “whats kombucha anyway?”

I start with “well, its fermented tea, its really good for your guts” and then sometimes I hear “oh, I’m not a tea drinker”

Well let me tell you, kombucha tastes nothing like tea. A plain kombucha has been described to me as beer/apple cider vinegar kind of taste. I definitely agree with the ACV comparison, it is fermented after all. But then, once it has gone into second ferment with fruits or other flavours it changes all over again and even gets abit fizzy! Even less tea tasting at this point!

So, now that you know it doesn’t taste like that tea your granny used to drink. Maybe give it a try or even a second try of a different flavour, maybe even a different brand. We all have our own brewing techniques that tweek the flavours. Everyone’s taste palette is different and so are many kombuchas.

Over this pandemic I’ve been experimenting with a few new flavours and perfecting my brews even more.

I now have a coffee boocha in response to all these “none tea drinkers”. It starts as a sweetend coffee and then put into ferment the same as my regular boochies. So far its been a hit and may become a keeper flavour. If your a coffee nut and would like to give some coffee boocha a try make sure to get in contact and get your hands on some. Limited quantities….for now ๐Ÿ˜‰

A very bubbly coffee ferment๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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