About us

When I had met my husband in 2013, I was already heading down a healthier lifestyle path. I had quit smoking and started running, trying to eat better to fuel my body more efficiently. He had also started a healthier lifestyle too, he struggles with psoriasis, and in order to try to get it under control we looked deeper into what we were putting into our bodies. I took a professional nutrition course to get a further understanding of what was going on. Along with much more research between the both of us, we’ve narrowed down triggers, eliminated allergens, and found “gut healers”.

Which brought me to Kombucha! A SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) was brought into my workplace in 2018, it instantly fascinated me….not just because of its looks, but the so called benefits I was told it offered. So, i brought a piece home in hopes of continuing our gut health. Little did I know we’d love it so much, I started sharing my kombucha with friends and co-workers soon having many vessels all over the house. This was something I really enjoyed, not only the super fun science of fermenting, but, the great feed back from everyone I shared with, not only taste but how it benefited them too! It was an easy decision to start up a business and spread the kombucha benefits even farther.

We look forward to our kombucha every morning, the kick of energy, the lack of bloating, aiding in digestion, and just the feel goods it gives you. Kombucha is not a cure all, but it is definitely a great part of the equation! I encourage you to try our small batch brewed kombucha for your own gut health!!

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