Whats new with Babes Boocha!?

Store updates

Loving this summer weather!!!! Update:Since covid lock downs kicked the crap out of my buisness, it’s become a side hustle again🙄 I’m still brewing up some amazing gut health, dont worry, I’m just unfortunately not around the store front as often any more,Iv had to take on full time work….(still gotta pay the bills🤷🏼‍♀️) Store…

Kombucha facts Friday

Did you know Babes Boocha! Is naturally effervescent not carbonated? ……what does that mean? Effervescence happens during the second fermentation. Fruit is added not only to give it that great flavour but to reactivate the yeast, causing it to bubble or fizz. This fizz is softer then carbonated bubbles on the tongue. Looking for more…

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